Making sense of all the information

In a world swimming with information, the problem is not where to find it.


You can so easily get sidetracked by the volumes of details about internet marketing available with just a simple search.


Here’s just a few topics you’ll eventually run in to if you haven’t already:

  •  Delivery methods
  •  Text ads
  •  Search engine marketing (SEM)
  •  Search engine optimization (SEO)
  •  Sponsored search
  •  Social media marketing
  •  Mobile advertising
  •  Affiliate marketing
  •  Content Marketing
  •  Compensation methods


… and the list just goes on and on.


I even found this pic which goes through great length to detail the steps in a road map of sorts.

Infographic from

Infographic from








More like a pirate treasure map if you ask me…or some sort of twisted Shoots’n’Ladders version.


It is not as difficult as you think to get started.


Take all that information and hold it aside for a moment and give yourself a moment to breathe and focus.


Start with a basic framework of topics as your foundation and then build on what you learn.
Right, makes sense … you learn something once and the next time gets easier and easier.


What to put in your framework?  Ask yourself what it is your trying to do? These become the topics.


You can be as general or as specific as you need it to be. The goal here is to make it mean something to you.


Here’s my list that I’m starting with

  •  Find your market
  •  Set up your page
  •  Drive traffic to your site


Regardless of how simple your own list ends up, the point here is by writing out a framework, you’re creating a plan.   No longer wandering aimlessly from one random topic to another, you’ve created a roadmap of your own to follow.